Protective Tradeshow Booth Shipping Cases and Crates, Oh My! August 17 2018

Shipping and transportation are big parts of tradeshow booth exhibition and taking care of your tradeshow booth while traveling in between conventions can be a significant concern. As we have written before, in addition to custom tradeshow booth design and fabrication, a lot of our work also involves the logistics of shipping our ecofriendly booths to tradeshows around the country and around the world! Many of our ecofriendly tradeshow booths include custom elements and structural components that can be easily damaged in the process of shipping, which is why Boothster is proud to offer some of the most sturdy shipping cases, containers and boxes available for the transportation of our ecofriendly booth materials, banners and banner stands!

 sturdy ecofriendly tradeshow booth shipping crates


Not all shipping containers and cases are appropriate for transporting tradeshow booth components, and unfortunately in the process of national and international transportation it is easily possible for crates to get dropped, flipped or otherwise damaged which can ruin even the best planned tradeshow exhibit!

 secure tradeshow shipping containers protect against damage


That is why Boothster now offers several sizes of trade show booth shipping cases, cartons and crates!. These cases are designed specifically for our banners, banner stands, free standing displays, tabletop stands and trade show booth components! We offer these in a variety of sizes to fit your project. From soft cases, hard cases, wheeled cases, large cases, cartons and crates, Boothster has the custom tradeshow booth transportation containers that you need!

 tradeshow banner stands transportation


To learn more about the appropriate tradeshow booth shipping cases and containers for your project, check out our cases here or inquire with your project manager or through the contact page and we will advise you on the most appropriate size!