Sustainable Innovation Initiatives to exhibit at the Latin America and Caribbean Congress for Conservation Biology in Trinidad and Tobago May 24 2018

Boothster loves to work with organizations that are spreading the message about environmental sustainability and ecofriendly solutions to global problems. That is why we are proud to be working with Sustainable Innovation Solutions on their custom tradeshow booth design for the upcoming Latin America and Caribbean Congress for Conservation Biology in Trinidad and Tobago! Sustainable Innovation Initiatives (SII) is a US 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works to enable ecologically sustainable economies in tropical forest regions. They develop projects, facilities and media aimed at coordinating efforts between researchers, grassroots efforts, businesses and educators with the purpose of helping empower communities to use ecologically sustainable choices as economic drivers for local food security and global market connections. Their informative and educational media helps clarify connections for people that link science, biodiversity, economics and citizen action to make a real difference in regions that desperately need it!

 custom tradeshow booth design for sustainable innovation initiatives


The Society for Conservation Biology is the world's largest community of conservation professionals dedicated to the science and practice of conserving Earth's biological diversity. The Latin America and Caribbean Congress for Conservation Biology that kicks off July 25th will bring together communities of conservation professionals to address conservation challenges and present new findings, initiatives, methods, tools and opportunities for collaboration in conservation science and practice.

 custom tradeshow booth design for LACCCB 2018


This year’s LACCCB is sure to be an extremely important new chapter in the conversation about research, knowledge creation and innovation in matters related to ecologically sustainable economies, biodiversity and education in the Caribbean and small island states. Boothster is proud to help Sustainable Innovation Initiatives show their commitment to global economic sustainability with their own custom, ecofriendly tradeshow booth design using recyclable, biodegradable printed banners and banner stands!


recyclable tradeshow booths and banner stands


As we have written before, Our ultimate goal is to create exhibits that are made with 100% biodegradable and non toxic materials, while minimizing the fossil fuels required for transport. On past projects, we have achieved as much as 99% biodegradability and helped organizations realize significant savings when they are able to safely recycle their tradeshow booth after final use instead of shipping it back home.

 recyclable tradeshow banners and banner stands


recyclable bamboo bannerstands and printable banners


It is the combination of our passion for building environmentally friendly tradeshow booths and our commitment to client satisfaction that drive Boothster’s ongoing track record of designing award winning green tradeshow booths, exhibits, banner stands and signage for universities and government organizations of all sizes. To find out how Boothster can help your organization with sustainable and environmentally tradeshow booth design, give us a call or fill out our contact form here!