Take Advantage of Smaller Promotional Events with Interchangeable Banner Stands and Portable Display Options August 01 2019

Large industry tradeshows and conventions are great places to gain brand recognition, build relationships with potential customers & clients and learn information relevant to your industry. However, small industry events have a lot of value as well, and it is not always necessary (or possible) to ship your entire custom built tradeshow booth to a smaller venue.


vertical banner stands and displays for smaller tradeshow events


That is why The Boothologist is happy to offer some cool, interchangeable banner stands and display options for smaller events! Attend events "on the go" and combine our booth design components an awesome portable display that will fit any available space you have!



The Eco-Rolla Vertical Tradeshow Banner Stand

Eco Rolla Vertical Tradeshow Banner Stand

The Eco Rolla Vertical Tradeshow Banner Stand is becoming the new standard in tradeshow banner stand design! Not only is the Eco Rolla a cost effective way to utilize environmentally friendly booth design materials and signage, it also features the option of recyclable latex or cotton banners, and cool design details that are aesthetically simple and functional. That's why the US Forest Service, Looptworks and Soul Buffalo have chosen the Eco Rolla and Bamboo Lite as their vertical banner stand signage throughout all their recent tradeshows and expos!



Bamboo Lite Vertical Banner Stand

Bamboo Lite Vertical banner stand for smaller tradeshow events

One of the reasons that the Eco Rolla and Bamboo Lite banner stands are so attractive to government agencies like the United States Forest Service and businesses such as Soul Buffalo and Looptworks is because they are the most eco friendly tradeshow banner stands on the planetand the only recyclable alternative to typical boring tradeshow signage!  The Vertical Bamboo Light Banner Stand is designed to be strong and aesthetically pleasing, and it comes out weighing an ultra light 8 lbs!



Bamboo Baby Tabletop Banner Stand

baby bamboo tabletop display for smaller tradeshow events

Down right cute, these tiny table top bamboo banners stand up perfectly vertical on any table top or display. They really pack a punch in two sizes: 8.5 inches wide x 16.5 inches tall, or 11x16.5 inches. We have used them in countless applications, from miniature exhibits to major ones. We print them on our eco cotton material.



Tradeshow Table Runners

tradeshow table runner

In addition to our full size and small size banner stand solutions, every small tradeshow booth needs a table runner for their product display and information distribution station! Our table runners are available in Eco Cotton or Recyclable Latex and come in two sizes, 42x84 inches or a thinner 34x84 inch model. It hangs with wood dowels on each side, and rolls up for easy packing!



Soft Wheeled Transport Case

Soft wheeled tradeshow transport case

Finally, the last thing you need is a way to transport all these banners and banner stands to your small event, This small trade show case is just that. Made out of durable nylon and featuring wheels, it makes your trade show transportation easy! It will fit one full eco rolla, multiple table runners, most vertical banner stands, and most of our small tube portable displays. We have a limited quantity available at $75 each.

Shipping cost estimate provided when we get closer to knowing your full order. Choose discount of 5% or a free Baby Banner stand if purchasing over $1000. Credit card fee of 3% applies. No fee with check or automatic payment. Order yours today!