The Boothologist Explains "Green" Vs "Sustainable", What's the Difference? November 17 2017

In this video from the Boothologist, he finally tackles the use and difference between the words, "Green" and "Sustainable".  "Sustainable" and "green" are two commonly used terms that get tossed around quite a bit in the tradeshow booth design world, with little understanding of the difference between the two. These terms are typically used when discussing trade show booth design materials that are recyclable, reusable, renewable or generally eco-friendly, but what is the actual meaning of these words?

Sustainability vs Green Tradeshow Booth Design

"Sustainable" implies that the materials used in process are not harmful to the planet and will not cause any damage at the end of their life. Technically the definition of sustainability is avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. An example of a sustainable design element in the tradeshow booth world is a custom display sign made for the Boy Scouts of America that uses inlaid bamboo and walnut plywood - they wanted a sign that conveyed their eco-friendly message and was actually made of sustainable materials.  The wood construction of this sign ensures that at the end of this item’s lifecycle it will return to the earth in a way that maintains an ecological balance.


Sustainable Tradeshow Booth Design

"Green" is more of a generalized term that is overused quite a bit. In everyday parlance, “green” is meant to imply a general concern with or support of the protection of the environment as a political principle. In short, sustainability is a way to become more green.


Boothster Sustainability

We tend to use the word "sustainability" more than "green" now because Boothster is more concerned with specific methods of avoiding depletion of natural resources, as opposed to a general concern about the environment as a political principle.  the Boothologist also encourages clients and companies to be mindful of the meaning of these terms and to and adopt usage of specific terms like “sustainable”, “reusable” or “recyclable” instead of “green” when discussing eco friendly custom tradeshow booth design.


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