The Boothologist Introduces Another Innovation In Tradeshow Booth Logistics with the Wheeled Booth Shipping Container March 04 2019

Tradeshow booth shipping and setup are a big part of exhibiting and facilitating quick and easy setup at a convention can help make sure you have a successful show! As we have written before, in addition to custom tradeshow booth design and fabrication, a lot of our work also involves the logistics of shipping our ecofriendly booths to tradeshows around the country and around the world! Which is why the Boothologist is happy to introduce another innovation in tradeshow booth shipping logistics, the "Wheeled Tradeshow Booth Shipping Container"!


The Boothologist Introduces the Wheeled Tradeshow Booth Shipping Container


This game changing new shipping container simplifies the tradeshow booth shipping and setup process by making it much easier to move your booth components through the busy tradeshow floor in a much more convenient and speedy way than traditional boxes, cartons and containers! See it in action here!



With the wheeled tradeshow booth shipping container, it is possible for one person to move around bulky booth components and heavy pieces all by themselves! The Boothologist is always working to simplify the logistics of tradeshow booth design, construction, shipping and setup; and this groundbreaking new innovation takes it to another level! Watch it in action again here:



  To learn more about the appropriate tradeshow booth shipping cases and containers for your project, check out our cases here or inquire with your project manager or through the contact pageand we will advise you on the most appropriate size!