The Environmental Benefits of Cardboard Tradeshow Booth Design June 08 2018

When designing and fabricating custom tradeshow booths for your company, government agency or non-profit organization, it is important to recognize the environmental impact that your tradeshow exhibit has on the environment. Many tradeshow exhibitors don’t realize that typical booth designs only have a lifecycle of a few uses before they must be discarded. Unfortunately, all these old tradeshow booth materials end up in the same place as most garbage, in our overflowing landfills. As we have written before, the convention and trade show industry is among the largest producers of waste, second only to the construction industry, generating 600,000 tons of garbage every year! As an industry leader in sustainable tradeshow booth design and fabrication for tradeshow exhibitors of all sizes, Boothster and the Boothologist have long recognized the negative environmental impact of old fashioned tradeshow booth components and signage.


recyclable tradeshow booth design doesn't contribute to landfill waste

Now that more and more exhibitors are beginning begin to realize how traditional tradeshow booth materials such as plastic, fiberglass and vinyl banners pollute the earth, they are making the decision to portray their brand in an environmentally responsible way by choosing eco-friendly tradeshow booth design materials. Boothster specializes in using materials such as bamboo, wood and reinforced cardboard to fabricate custom tradeshow booth designs that are both attractive and sustainable.


recyclable cardboard tradeshow booth design

When it comes to choosing the ideal materials for your booth, Printable fiberboard, commonly known as cardboard provides a wide range of versatile and sturdy options for creating every part of a custom tradeshow booth from basic booth structural columns to booth furniture, stand alone kiosks, seating and signage! Cardboard tubes, customizable cardboard sheetboard and reinforced cardboard structural components can be used in nearly every part of a fully recyclable tradeshow booth. The cardboard components used in our 100% recyclable tradeshow booth designs are repulpable, biodegradable and are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified! 


recyclable cardboard tradeshow booth design components

In addition to it’s ecofriendly, cost saving qualities, cardboard is a perfect medium for all types of printed designs! Fully recyclable and printable cardboard is perfect for point-of-purchase displays, retail store displays, brochure holders, expo stands, shelving units, brand activation tables, faux wood beams, event furniture, 3D lettering, giant animals and trees and so much more! From brand logos, product photography or even faux wood and textured patterns, the potential range of printed designs is limited only by your imagination! Recyclable and structurally strong cardboard fits right into Boothster’s cradle to cradle, sustainable booth design approach and the range of potential creativity and 100% recyclbility of reinforced cardboard has made it one of the Boothologist’s favorite new booth design materials!


recyclable cardboard tradeshow booth design

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