Utilizing Recyclable Tradeshow Booth Design Materials Like Bamboo and Paper Tubes October 25 2018

When designing and fabricating custom tradeshow booths for your company, government agency or non-profit organization, it is important to recognize the impact that your tradeshow exhibit has on the environment. As a leader in sustainable tradeshow booth design, the Boothologist is always on the lookout for ecofriendly, sustainable and recyclable booth construction materials that can be used to build eye-catching and durable tradeshow exhibits.



The Boothologist is always on the lookout for sustainable tradeshow booth design materials



Two of the most popular booth design materials commonly requested are recyclable paper tubes and bamboo wood. These materials are so durable and customizable that they can be used to create every part of a custom tradeshow booth from core booth structural columns to booth furniture, stand alone kiosks, seating and signage!



utilizing recyclable tradeshow booth design materials



Both of these materials are incredibly strong! The recyclable paper tubes are so strong, they are easily used for booth structure and support columns, seating and furniture!


 utilizing recyclable tradeshow booth design materials for booth seating and signage



Bamboo can be utilized as a booth design material for everything from scaffolding to bridges and structural supports. Bamboo, like true wood, is a natural composite material with a high strength-to-weight ratio useful for structures. It also has a higher compressive strength than wood, brick or concrete and a tensile strength that rivals steel!


Bamboo used for tradeshow booth seating tables and signage 


Boothster has designed and built dozens of ecofriendy tradeshow booths and exhibits utilizing bamboo and recyclable paper tubes for a variety of companies and organizations. Not only are these booths eyecatching and durable, but they also clearly convey your organization's values and commitment to environmentally friendly business practices! recyclable tradeshow booth design materials



To learn more about utilizing recyclable booth design materials for your custom exhibit, or how the Boothologist can help your company or organization with eye-catching, ecofriendly tradeshow booth design, check out our product catalog, give us a call or fill out our contact form here!