Making A Statement With Recyclable Tradeshow Booth Design Materials January 09 2019

Back in 2007 when Boothster was founded, the tradeshow industry was one of the most wasteful industries in the country. Many tradeshow exhibitors don’t realize the convention and trade show industry continues to be among the largest producers of waste generating 600,000 tons of garbage every year! Of all the 60,000,000 million people who attend consumer or industry tradeshows worldwide, each person will produce at least 20lbs of garbage during their trip, which adds up to more than 1 BILLION LBS ANNUALLY!


 sustainable tradeshow booth design and construction materials


That realization is what drove the Boothologist to start a business that would not only reduce the amount of material going into garbage landfills but also help organizations of all sizes realize low impact, sustainable tradeshow exhibit designs that could be creative, eyecatching, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sustainable!


 make a statement with ecofriendly tradeshow booth design


However, back when the Boothologist first started, clients dismissed using green display materials as being too costly, too unattractive, or just “not right for our brand”. However, nowadays attitudes have definitely changed. Today, clients are realizing that green booths and retail displays are not only affordable, but add a cool aesthetic and brand value to their tradeshow exhibits. In fact, in today’s world you cannot find any more popular or altruistic trend than the concept of going "green". Companies and organizations of all sizes have come to realize that sustainable business practices and limiting their impact on the environment are a way for them to “walk the walk” when it comes to conveying their message in an eco-friendly way!


 sustainable tradeshow booth design materials make a statement about your company


Tradeshows, Expos and Promotional Events are opportunities to present your brand, your company and your organization’s mission, goals and values to the public. These values are not only conveyed to the audience through a combination of branding, marketing and signage. They are also conveyed to the audience through your choice of tradeshow booth design practices and booth construction materials.  For companies or organizations that are interested in adopting sustainable design practices and utilizing green, recyclable materials for their custom tradeshow booths or vertical banner stands, the Boothologist is proud to offer a wide selection of eco friendly tradeshow booth designs and recyclable banner stand solutions!


recyclable tradeshow booth and banner stand solutions 


It is the combination of our passion for building environmentally friendly tradeshow booths and our commitment to client satisfaction that drive Boothster’s ongoing track record of designing award winning green tradeshow booths, exhibits, banner stands and signage. To find out how Boothster can help your organization with sustainable and environmentally tradeshow booth design, give us a call or fill out our contact form here!