Sustainable Tradeshow Booth Design for a Visionary Natural Ingredients Company November 10 2017

In the world of natural foods and medicine, many botanical extracts are known for their long history as a traditional remedy in their country of origin. As globalization, agricultural practices, and environmental factors continue to change, consumers prefer to buy products that have proven safety, efficacy, and clinical substantiation.  Verdure Sciences® is a supplier of plant-based ingredients with an emphasis on intrinsic synergies and clinically backed tangible health applications. Verdure is the company supplying many of the ingredients that are behind dozens if not hundreds of the better Natural Products brands out there!


 Verdure Sciences uses Boothster for Eco Friendly Custom Tradeshow Booth Design


In addition to their commitment to offering natural and traditional ingredients with traceability and scientific validity, Verdure is also passionate about sustainability. Through their manufacturing and supply chain partnerships, they help to provide fair wages and gender equality to those who hand-pick their botanicals and herbs. Their manufacturing facilities utilize solar and thermal energy to maximize efficiency, and all byproduct plant material is donated to local farmers to use as natural fertilizer! From their impact on the earth to how they treat their employees, Verdure is a leader is eco friendly business practices and maintaining sustainable business relationships with their clients, customers and employees.


 Verdure Sciences uses Boothster for Eco Friendly Custom Tradeshow Booth Design


Because of the great pride that Verdure takes in nurturing sustainable relationships with all the people and organizations associated with their business, It makes sense that they would choose Boothster for their latest tradeshow booth. After all, Boothster is best known for our committment to the use of ecofriendly and sustainable materials in custom tradeshow booth design. This custom tradeshow booth was designed to engage and inform tradeshow visitors about Verdure Sciences while featuring enclosed meeting spaces, faux grass, recyclable paper tubes and dynamic sails made from lightweight stretch fabric.  


 Custom Tradeshow Booth Design for Verdure Sciences

Verdure Tradeshow booth display


In addition to being designed with sustainability in mind, this booth design was also designed to facilitate ease of construction, set-up and take-down.


Verdure Sciences Custom Tradeshow Booth Construction


Through their ecofriendly business practices and commitment to sustainability, Verdure is truly one company that “talks the talk and walks the walk”!  To learn more about how Boothster can help your company or organization with ecofriendly custom tradeshow booth design and construction, give us a call or fill out our contact form here!