The Boothologist honored to exhibit and be interviewed at the Sustainable Brands Show! June 20 2018

The Boothologist was thrilled to attend the recent Sustainable Brands Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver B.C. alongside some of our favorite past clients including the Boy Scouts of America, Looptworks, Ecor, FSC and Clif Bar! Launched in 2006, Sustainable Brands has become a global learning, collaborative, and innovative community focusing on forward-thinking business, brand strategy, marketing and sustainability professionals who are leading the way to a better future. The Boothologist was proud to attend the show and participate in an interview while representing Boothster among such an esteemed crowd of industry professionals!


Boothster custom tradeshow booth design for the sustainable brands show

As we have mentioned before, Boothster doesn’t just specialize in custom, ecofriendly tradeshow booth design, we are also a tradeshow exhibitor ourselves!  The Sustainable Brands show was a fanstastic opportunity to meet and listen to many industry influencers, like-minded professionals and potential customers. Just like all of our clients, it was important to the Boothologist to present our company in a way that accurately conveyed Boothster’s values, mission and business practices. One of the most important ways a company can do this at a tradeshow is to use ecofriendly and recyclable tradeshow booth design materials in their custom booth design!  The Boothologist viewed the Sustainable Brands show as a perfect opportunity to showcase some of our favorite sustainable tradeshow booth design materials such as reclaimed wood, Ecor Cellulose Fiberboard and the newly redesigned Bamboo Lite 3.0 Vertical Banner Stand!


sustainable tradeshow booth design by the boothologist


In addition to attending and exhibiting at the show, the Boothologist also sat down for an exclusive interview with Sustainable Brands! Here is a transcript of the Sustainable Brands interview with the Boothologist!


The Boothologist answering questions about green tradeshow booth design


Hi John Paull! Welcome to SB'18! Do you prefer to be called John Paull, or the Boothologist?

Either one! My name is John Paull, but over the years my clients started to call me the Boothologist, so I actually answer to both!


What solution or success story do you most want to share with the SB community this week?

We build green, ecofriendly tradeshow booths out of up to 99% biodegradable and non-toxic materials, and we have been doing this for over 11 years, and on 4 continents!


What are your favorite strategies for activating The Good Life shared so far?

Providing cool, creative and sustainable tradeshow booth designs for our clients! It's not enough to be green. Marketing is competitive, so booth design ideas have to be compelling, eye-catching and meaningful!


What aspects of innovating toward The Good Life do you find most challenging in your context? Why?

Boothster designs are in demand and we currently have a lot of tradeshow booth projects. Sometimes it's hard to get out and spread the word about our sustainable tradeshow booth designs, products and services.


What practical tools and partnerships discussed here this week do you find most valuable?

Partnerships with material suppliers like Ecor (here at SB) and creative companies like Lush is awesome. We are currently developing several tradeshow booth products constructed out of recyclable materials with Ecor.


What can the SB community work on together that companies typically can't accomplish on their own?

This may sound cliche but every successful tradeshow booth design takes a village. Even competitors must work together in order to build a larger market share of sustainable products; while convincing the big players to adopt our new innovations.


How do we collectively speed up the change we'd like to see in the world?

Keep doing what we are doing! Be noisy, clever. Take the message to the people and make it so compelling it takes off!


What is the single most important reason for your engagement with the Sustainable Brands community? Why did you decide to attend this year and what is it that you most value about your attendance?

We want to expand on our client base and spread our message about green tradeshow booth design to the world. We see tons of companies that want to be green but don't have the tools for doing it in a expo booth environment. We are here to help them present their brand or organization in a way that accurately conveys their values and mission!


 To learn more about how Boothster and the Boothologist can help your company or organization with sustainable, ecofriendly tradeshow booth design, give us a call or fill out our contact form here!