Learning About the Modular Notched Card Booth Design System with the Boothologist at Boothster Studios October 17 2018

The Boothologist’s new “Notched Card Tradeshow Booth System” is taking the recyclable tradeshow booth design industry by storm. Utilizing an innovative, printable and interlocking card system, it allows tradeshow exhibitors to construct their own original tradeshow booth designs that are limited only by their imagination!  Not only is this super cool modular booth building package incredibly durable and 100% recyclable, it allows you to build the creative tradeshow display of your dreams and also save on expensive shipping costs!


Modular Notched Card Booth Design System


While the technology behind this innovative new booth design system is unprecedented, it is also relatively simple to understand for anyone, including newcomers to tradeshow booth design! We recently had the opportunity to join the Boothologist at Boothster Studios in Portland, OR to learn more about how the notched card booth system came to be, and the advantages it offers tradeshow exhibitors of all sizes!


The Boothologist demonstrates the notched card booth design system

The core of the notched card booth design system is the biodegradable material used to fabricate the laser cut boards that make up the modular, interlocking card pieces. Originally developed by the United States Forest Service, this 100% recyclable cellulose board material is made with various recycled ingredients including office paper and even cow manure! 





What makes this material truly unique is that it is incredibly durable and can be laser cut into all types of shapes and dimensions! When card slots are cut into this material, it becomes a truly modular tradeshow booth building component that can be built into structures whose size and scope are only limited by your imagination! It is this versatility of design that make the notched card booth design system a “one size fits all” solution for custom tradeshow booths of all sizes, shapes and dimensions! 

custom tradeshow booth designed with the modular notched card booth construction system

In addition to offering an unlimited variety of shapes and sizes for the notched card components, the cellulose board material is also entirely printable, which introduces an entirely new level of customization and creativity to the modular card booth design system.


tradeshow booths built with the modular notched card booth design system


Notched card components can be printed with any full-color design such as logos, company colors or even textured print designs like faux-wood, brick or metal! The levels of creative expression possible with the notched card system are what make it such a compelling custom booth solution to companies and organizations of all types!


notched card booth design system used for ecofriendly tradeshow booths

Ever since partnering with cellulose board manufacturer ECOR Global at the recent Sustainable Brands Show, the Boothologist has been offering the Notched Card Booth Design System as a simple, yet creative, ecofriendly and cost-effective solution to time-sensitive tradeshow booth design projects. The lightweight nature and durability of the notched card system allows it to be assembled for shows and then disassembled and shipped for significantly less cost than a typical booth! Also, the versatility of the notched card design system allows exhibitors to change up the layout and construction of their booth to accommodate different tradeshow spaces or simply present an original design for each show!

biodegradable tradeshow booth design system
To learn more about Boothster's new recyclable notched card tradeshow booth design system or how Boothster can help your company or organization with eyecatching, ecofriendly tradeshow booth design, check out our product catalog, give us a call or fill out our contact form here!