Six Things An Ecofriendly Tradeshow Booth Say About Your Company January 18 2019

Industry tradeshows, Expositions and Promotional Events such as the Fancy Foods Show in San Francisco and the Summer Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City are essential opportunities to present your company's brand, mission, goals and values to the public. These values are obviously conveyed to the audience through a combination of branding, marketing and signage. The materials used in your booth construction say a lot about your company’s mission, values and reputation. Your values are explicitly conveyed to the audience through your choice of tradeshow booth design practices and booth construction materials.

6 things an ecofriendly tradeshow booth says about your company


Here are the top 6 things an ecofriendly tradeshow booth design say about your company:


You Embrace Environmental Sustainability

Embracing environmentally sustainable business practices can have a number of significant benefits. Sustainable businesses are often the most innovative because they are constantly reviewing processes to find new solutions.  Businesses that have a mission of environmental sustainability can build a reputation with consumers as eco-friendly. And as much as 25% of consumer behaviour is led by reputation.

embrace environmental sustainability with an ecofriendly tradeshow booth


You Listen To Your Consumers

A recent Unilever study reveals a third of consumers are now buying from brands based on their social and environmental impact. The study asked 20,000 adults from five countries how their sustainability concerns impact their choices in-store and at home. As well as confirming the public’s high expectations of brands when it comes to having a positive social and environmental impact, the study’s findings uncover an unprecedented opportunity for companies that get it right.

Listen to your consumers with a recyclable tradeshow booth


You Have Happy Employees With Fulfilling Jobs

Eco-conscious businesses generally have employees who are more invested in the business culture, which provides more fulfilling jobs.  Businesses with strategies that are sustainable in the long run, typically pay their workers salaries and benefits that allow them to live a sustainable life within their community. 

6 things an ecofriendly tradeshow booth says about your company


You Are Dedicated To Sustainable Business Practices

Businesses that embrace sustainable practices typically have a more positive corporate culture, more long term employees and higher employee satisfaction. They also are seen as more trustworthy, with more reliable products and greater long term profitability

sustainable tradeshow booth design for Portland Pet Food


You Care About Reducing The Environmental Impact Of Your Business

Today’s consumers are deeply concerned about the environment. There is no better way to “Walk the Walk” than by showing the public how your company works to eliminate the use of wasteful, harmful materials in your business operations. Boothster’s ultimate goal is to help you create exhibits, banner stands and displays that are made with 100% biodegradable and non toxic materials.

6 things a sustainable tradeshow booth design says about your company


You Care About What Happens To Your Booth, Signage & Banners

Most booth construction materials, signage and banners end up in the landfill when they are discarded. As an industry leader in sustainable custom tradeshow booth design, Boothster is proud to use 100% recyclable printed banner materials that are manufactured from renewable and sustainable resources, are PVC free, contain no toxic metals or carcinogens, are FSC certified and comply with European REACH standards! Our green, ecofriendly printed tradeshow banners are manufactured with 17% Post Consumer Waste, are proven to safely biodegrade over time in a composting environment, contain no IARC Group 1 Carcinogens and are certified to be toxic chemical free!  This means that throughout the life-cycle of our ecofriendly printed banner materials, you can rest assured knowing that they will never contribute toxins or carcinogens to the environment. 

You care what happens to your company's booth, signage and banners


Boothster was founded to help companies or organizations that are interested in adopting sustainable design practices and utilizing green, recyclable materials for their custom tradeshow booths or vertical banner stands at industry tradeshows such as Fancy Foods, Summer Outdoor Retailer and Super Zoo. We are proud to offer a wide array of eco friendly tradeshow booth design and recyclable banner stand solutions!